Pre race warm up route

Before a race, Would it be possible to do warm up laps on the course you are about to race? I find it hard to get properly warmed up if my avatar is static and would like to get to know the racing route just before riding. I know I could just ride that route as normal through but the course isn’t always available as a daily option.

Alternatively, a dummy “warm up” world would be great!

You can always ride any route by creating a Meetup on it. You only need to invite one other person and they don’t even need to show up. That’s the way you can get to know the route.

For a race warmup I suggest it’s easier to simply pick a route in Watopia that you know will give you a decent warmup. Or you can choose a workout.


Your best bet is to organise a meet-up on the course the race is using for say 30 mins before the race starts. You can organise a meet-up on any world or any course.

You will need to invite at least one other person to set up the meet up but they don’t have to accept or turn up

Thanks guys. I completely forgot about the meetup option.

Only problem is now I can warm up properly I have no excuse for losing :laughing:

You can also use the Zwift Pref program to ride any route in any world anytime excluding those worlds and routes that are “event” only.

… if you’re on Windows or Mac. Doesn’t work on phone/tablet/AppleTV.