How to start a race in the pen instead of 'changing worlds'?


When I sign up for a race using the app (android) why, when I start riding (ipad) does it automatically start me in the world that is chosen for that day instead of the race pen of the world the race is taking part in?

It then gives me the option to ‘change worlds’ to the race. Shouldn’t this be done by default if I’m already signed up to the race?


Great question. Also want to know that!

Yesterday the join event button didn’t appear on my free ride. This is a different problem. But when i’m already in the pen i don’t need the button :wink:

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It’s not very logical, but that’s just the way it is, I’m afraid. You have to start riding in one of the worlds, and then you should get a button to join the event.


I’d say this is, generally, because Zwift have no way of knowing whether you want to do a warmup before the race, or not. If they automatically put you into the pen upon starting Zwift, just because you had signed up for a race, it would negate the opportunity to warm up anywhere but the pens (where you get zero mileage for time spent ‘on your trainer’).


You can pick any one of the 3 worlds available for the day. I usually pick the world that the race is in.

Most people warm up before the race or event.

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