Need help on logging in to race

Hey there.
I’m new to swift and I can’t seem to be able to log into a race. I chose the race I want, I chose my category according to my watt/kg ratio and I start to warm up before the race, I have all my sensors connected but from there on I can’t enter the race no matter what I do. Is there something I’m missing on? Could you please help?
Many thanks!

Hi Andrei, when you say start to warm up, were you still on the main route selection screen? You need to move past that screen and actually start a ride on one (any) of the worlds for the ‘Join Event’ button to appear at the bottom left. Clicking this button takes you to the start line, and about 4mins beforehand it’ll take you there automatically unless you cancel it.

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Hi Dave, thank you kindly for your quick answer. Can you tell me please how exactly do I go past the main screen and start a race on any of the world? I’m pretty lost honestly.

Sign up for the event (best done with the Companion app on your phone) and then log into Zwift. After pairing your sensors, on the main route selection screen pick any route/world - it doesn’t really matter which, but probably avoid Ven-Top or Road to Sky :wink: - and then hit Ride at the bottom. You’ll then be in that world, and riding along. From there you should see the ‘Join Event’ button at the bottom left of your screen. Click/press it to go to the start line, or as mentioned just wait and you’ll eventually be taken there automatically.

I’ll do this right now. Thank you very much for your answer!

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