Why start you in another world when it knows that you are going to an event

This is so frustrating, a waste of time, and given the number of updates it means that I have missed my event yet again.

Please if I’m going to an event drop me in the pen first

Alternative viewpoint, I always warm up elsewhere and would never want to go straight to the pen. A choice would be useful though


Maybe my 4 year old laptop is too slow but on a bad day it takes 3-4minutes to change world’s which is frustrating. If I am going to an event and it’s starting in 10 minutes or less where do I want to be? Seriously it’s a joke

I assume you’re using a mechanical hard drive, because it should take no more than 30 seconds max (actual time varies depending on CPU speed). Consider upgrading to an SSD for under £20.

Don’t disagree about starting in a different world though, we should have the choice to go directly to a pen.


this is a few options:

One way is to select the world in which the event is than you wont have to switch worlds.

But As Douglas said it is better to have time to do a warmup.

Most events have a 30min late join option.

It will be nice to have the option to be dropped in to the pen. Not something I would use because I like to warmup and be sure every works but I can the advantage to have this option.

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I agree it’s nice to have spare time but most people don’t have half an hour spare and it does not matter where it dump’s you it still takes time to move and racing events need to be in time and in the front of the pen

I don’t know it’s a 3-4 year old laptop an HP that has no trouble handling all other task’s just logging on to Zwift. It lives in the garage and I’m not buying a gaming PC to live in the garage

OP is correct.

This also has to be one of the biggest gotchas for new users. Sign up for an event, log in to Zwift, why isn’t there an option to join the event? That’s right, you have to start a ride first and then you get the option to join the event.

It’s easy enough to learn this extra step but for new users it’s not intuitive (seems like every week there is a post on the reddit Zwift sub about this issue). A big fat JOIN EVENT button on the world selection screen would help out new users as well as fix OPs issue.