Warmup and Races

_ Warmup _

Would it possible using the planned turn left and right feature to have a alternative route around the hill climb at the start of Watopia for warming up.

_ Races _

How about small races for some friendly competition which would work like this -

1.Login and pair up trainer

2.Your then presented with two options of Watopia or Race.

3.Clicking on Watopia basically takes you to the island to cycle like we are doing currently.

4.Clicking the Race option will either take you to a lobby where you can wait/chat and have some banter until the lobby has enough riders to start the race.

Or clicking the Race option will take you to Watopia where you can start cycling until the lobby is full and then you will receive a 10-30 second countdown until the race begins.

5.Once the race is finished you either go back to Watopia or the lobby.

6.Maybe have an in game option to click race again.

7.As for the race it could be say a sprint with a low number of racers to keep the race short and the waiting times to a minimum.

8.The races could be held on segments of Watopia,an alternative route on Watopia or a separate track like a velodrome.

9.Using count down timer system if your on Watopia means you can wind down and get ready for a stationary start or have a rolling start with Zwift limiting speed until front wheel passes the start line.

Maybe a silly idea but thought I would share.

Nice Idea, I’m very new to Swift and want to know how I can join people to race against, think it might push me on to train harder!