Can i add warm up time to an existing Zwift ride?

I have ridden Alpe du Zwift a few times but don’t feel i get warmed up enough before the climb starts … lol … i am an old geezer with a low heart rate that takes a while to get going. i know i can just get on the bike and ride for as long as i want, then get off close out that ride and start the Alpe du Zwift ride. i was trying to see if i could add the warm up time and be able to complete both segments without getting off the bike.

Please advise if it can be done or not

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Hi @Stephen_Pudlock_Ogde

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If you pick the “Tour of Fire and Ice” route you will start in Watopia center and will have about 7km more to warmup.

Or you can do a few laps of the jungle until you are ready to climb.

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Hi Stephen,
Roughly how much warm-up time/distance do you have in mind?
If you wanted to do it all in one ride, you could do The Tour of Fire and Ice Route, which adds about 13 km of flattish road before you hit the climb:

[Edit: great minds think alike, Gerrie]

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Thanks Gerrie,

I will give that a try… i checked my previous rides and they were on a shorter route.

Thanks again

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I have a similar question, but from a different perspective. I plan to ride tour de Zwift stage 3 (round and round) category A ride that is 39KM long. I am also participating in another parallel cycling challenge (outside Zwift) where I am supposed to log a 40 KM ride. I wanted to know if I can increase my distance in this group ride by a KM to push it above 40 by either increasing the warm up time or just continuing a little further when the ride ends. Is it possible to do that? Or are there any other hacks (like turning around in the middle of the ride for sometime and turning back again)? Apologies for the noob question, but I am new to Zwift and this will be my first ride.

Just keep on cycling after you past the stage finish.

I carried on after stage 3 finished and did another lap as a cool down.