Rest area

There needs to be an area where you can stop, which doesn’t affect your overall lap times. e.g. Have the finish line, a neutral area and then the start line. 

In Watopia you can kind of do that by crossing the line, then u-turning back across the line and then u-turning again to come back. But that’s a kludge

In Richmond you can’t u-turn so 2 minutes to go and fill up with water meant the entire 10 mile lap was recorded as slow.

Would a “Pause ride” button that brings you to a stop straight away achieve the same thing? The timer doesn’t seem to run when the “pause ride” ascreen is up, it’s just a bind having to coast down to a stop…

You can hit the esc button or stop a ride with a button on the mobile app to do that. Depends on how far away your keyboard is though…

I like the idea of a rest area. It could also be expanded to be a warm up area. 

So the idea is once you get into the game you do not go off riding right away, so at the join now screen there’s an option to go to warm up area (could also just be waiting/watching/staging area).

So you are on the trainer pedalling away to warm up but you stay in this area off to the side of the course. Pictorially the game could show you warming up with all your cycling stats plus you would be shown to be on the trainer from your pairing screen i.e… Computrainer, Kickr, CycleOps, Tacx, etc., maybe even rollers. Maybe even have team buses/trucks/tents there.

This could even be used as a penalty area, like in triathlons where you have to wait for X minutes before rejoining the race if you foul in some way.

The more I think about it the more I like it.

Some good ideas about this. Let’s upvote everyone!