Quick Start

It would be nice to have a quick start feature which automatically goes through all the startup step as if you would press ‚ok‘ or ‚ride now’ everytime you‘ve been asked. This would select any gear thats found and use the defailt route. Often this is really just what I need: sit on the bike, press on ‚ride‘ and ride!

Man, they haven’t even bothered to make changing a route without logging out & back in easier. Don’t count on it, sadly. Great idea tho.

You can sort of do this. Hit ‘Let’s Go’ and as soon as the pairing screen comes up, immediately hit ‘Just Watch’ which will take you straight to view someone on Watopia. When it’s loaded, press ‘Back to Me’ and if your sensors have paired you’ll be cycling somewhere (no idea which route). Three clicks.


Thanks, helpful workaround, didn’t know that!

I just wish it would default to Watopia rather than one of the guest worlds. Of course I can just click to switch tab, but in the background it will have loaded a different world, so then there’s another fairly long wait for it to actually load in the map.

Some sort of “Quick start” setting that automatically re-rides whatever I selected last time would be great.