Easily "watch" someone!

In the day’s of pandemic working from home, I’d love to be able to watch people I follow train or race. There is no easy way to watch them, just a very clunky way to “act” like I’m riding, then click on them and sometimes that works.

I’d love to watch my friends train and encourage them … ya, I know, my life is boring

Assuming you’ve been doing the ‘Ride With…’ thing, there’s a slightly easier way as long as they’re riding on Watopia or one of the two guest worlds - log in and start a ride on that world (if they’re on Watopia hit ‘Just Watch’ from the pairing screen which is lots quicker). Get Companion App in Game mode, search for your friend and on their profile press ‘Fan View’. Works even if they’re in an event, you just have to be in the same world.

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Doesn’t that take firing up two different devices? You have to start Zwift and also the companion? I was hoping a way to just watch someone specifically using much fewer steps - just log in, “just watch” pick someone from a follow list or search for someone that is active and then watch them.

It does yeah, but Companion app takes seconds to open on your phone. Like I said it’s only slightly quicker anyway, it’s just easier than having to ride with and try click on their name before the time runs out etc IMO.