Tick Tock transition area suggestion

This is probably more of a wish list for Zwift to become a true multisport platform. How about creating a Tick Tock transition area made ready for a rider to complete a ride, then change for a brick session. It could be a simple stop button T1 when entering, than a timed virtual waiting area where Zwift app auto changes the avatar from rider (racks the rider) to waiting runner, then user hits buttonT2 when they are ready on their tready. You could make some really great seamless brick sessions. The bike and run can have independent saved data files.



This is a great idea!

Yes +1

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I can see the appeal, so I’m happy to vote for it (if you put it in as a feature request, that is). But I do think the number of Zwifters who will have a bike trainer and treadmill next to each other will be pretty small. (Note, I have no data to back this up!)

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This would be awesome, it’s currently a massive farce to exit, reload zwift and have to catch it in the millisecond before it decides you are wanting to ride again. I’ve never managed a true brick run because it takes so long to switch, hr is always back to normal and getting cold by the time it gets set up.

I like the idea of making the platform as seamless as possible.

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You make a good point Daren, I’m sure Zwift’s big data collection would give an indication of those currently using both the run and the bike options. I have also noticed there are ‘brick’ workouts available now and then, where a bike group session is closely followed by a run session.

True Liz, its a lot of faffing for changing disciplines. The other observation i made was the issue having the bike sensor conflicting with the run foot pod sensors, as the bike sensor left on causes the zwift run pairing screen to show the icons fly across the screen. This technical conflict may be one of the reasons why it may not be possible.

I know that this topic is long ago but would you know how it goes? Will it be possible in the end? I make transitions and it is very difficult for me to be able to link one test with another

Zwift has no problem “instantly” switching from a ride to an event, without restarting the code, and the ride is saved properly, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to do this, switching modes (cycling, running, eventually rowing maybe). I like the idea of a “transition” area: it could be handled like any other route option, except the “turn” would switch from bike to run or vice versa, and starting new activity, as well as choosing navigation.

I think transition areas are a great idea and the most sensible time to implement these could be when they add rowing - this way you could “seamlessly” do a workout across any combination of a rowing machine, treadmill and bike.
Because of this, places where running tracks, roads and water all meet - such as the downtown seafront - would be the most natural place for them. Likewise, assuming London could be a rowing venue, there could be a few riverside transition points there as well.

I do have my bike next to my treadmill, but as some have point out, it’s a bit painful to transition: do to sensor conflicts at the time, so the first session needs to be fully terminated and zwift restarted which actually takes a bit of time…

Yes !!! This would be amazing