Brick (Bike Run) and Double Brick Workouts

I would love to program the following workout (double brick workout):

Bike Warm Up: Duration Planned: 10 min , Power Zone 2
BIKE 20 MIN BUILD FROM Z2 TO Z4. Duration Planned: 20 min, Power Zone Planned: build Zone 2 to Zone 4a (155 - 231 W)


RUN (Treadmill) 10 min, Pace: 9:00 min/mile, build to 7:30 min/mile (I realize I would have to hit the treadmill pace button since I don’t have a controllable treadmill)

Transition (maybe zwift has big button to press and it gives a 15 second countdown to start the run - allowing you to get shoes on, then hit the Zwift button, and start the treadmill, allowing the treadmill to get to speed or you can select a timed transition, where it begins after a set, programmed time):

BIKE 20 MIN BUILD Z2 TO Z4. Duration Planned: 20 min, Power Zone Planned: from Zone 2 to Zone 4a (155 - 231 W)


RUN (Treadmill) 10 min , Pace: 9:00 min/mile, build to 7:30min/mile


If I can’t create this workout, I would love to suggest that Zwift create away that we can create this and similar workouts. For the transition, you could enter a time, such as 2 minutes, or, Once the footpod/treadmill is active, it begins the run portion.

I can attach a graph of how I do this with Trainer Road - it’s wanky and after I stop spinning, I have to click 'continue workout so it will record my heart rate. Obviously it does not record ANY of my footpod metrics - just heart rate, so I also have to use my Garmin Watch.

Thanks, Perry

Hi Perry,

You can do this right now. You just need to go into the pairing screen and switch sports. Then use the “E” key to pick a new workout in each case. For the run workouts, you’ll have to build them from scratch by writing XML, but it’s pretty easy to do. If you have TrainingPeaks, you could build them in there and then export the ZWO file. But you can swap back and forth between bike/run without ever leaving Zwift already. We don’t have a “countdown” timer for transitions; you’re on your own for that part. But everything else you want you can do currently.

Zwift will create a separate FIT file for each activity automatically. We close each file when you swap sports.

Ride On,


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