Brick Workout / Duathlon

Allow user to switch disciplines in same session. Organize Duathlons in race mode.

I’m sure it will be an option only running is out of beta, you can follow the progress by joining the Zwift Runners group on Facebook.

You can actually switch sports in the same session any time you want. Just pop up the pause menu, click on pairing, and change your sport.   Plenty of folks have done brick workouts in Zwift!

This is awesome, Zwift is awesome, and thank you for the correct terminology. Hard to remember that word, lol. 

An official duathlon mode would be really cool though…just sayin’

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For those of us not on Facebook a little how to video would be great, for the changing mode sequence.

Top program boys and girls, just need it to work on android now and i will feel inner peace.


You just need to go to the Pairing Screen and you can switch between riding and running.

Yep Cheers Paul sussed it out cheers for that.