Why no brick in tri academy?

seems like a pretty basic oversight. Without bricks, Tri academy is basically just time trial academy + running academy. Why not set up some of the workouts to be done together? why not set the races times so that you can do the ride/run races back to back? i guess this ties into my earlier post about cumbersome nature of trying to do multisport events in zwift.

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Wouldn’t be that difficult either. You can flip between disciplines without quitting the program by pressing A and changing the pairing type.

yes for PC users very easy to switch back and forth. not sure how easy it is for apple TV, tablet, phone users. they may have to log out/log in to change sports.


Menu, Pairing screen (Bluetooth sign) - changing in Android (phone, tablet) no problem.
Do not know anything about the Apple devices, but there is a menu accessible, too?

Most triathletes with even a little experience have heard the term brick workout, even if you’ve never done one.

I am so happy to see that the issue have been soled, keep posting such comment. I am looking for the same info.

Log out/log in = transition time! Perfect

Yes, I would like to see the ability to switch from Bike to Run for bricks!!! Seems like I am not the only one. Thanks.