Epic brick workout badge ? or something similair for triathletes

(victor) #1

i was wondering why even tho there is/are running and cycling badges that can be obtained in zwift client
why there arnt a zwift TRI badges like a "epic brick "workout or something ? there tri workout plans so why not this ?

reason why i think of this as most know the nationals start (tomorrow) for most of us , also the watopia RUN festival is taking place at the same time with the first halve marathon “races” aswell.
wich for me personally going to end up in a epic brick workout, 60km bike ride and trying to complet the half marathon with relative short time in between if im lucky 1 hour to change and get some food in hence the suggestion
my gues is there are plenty of triathletes active on zwift to want to obtain a virtual badge by doing that

(Tim) #2

I voted up but really, right now in zwift, you can’t do a triathlon.
You can do a dualathon and thus hit the bricks.