Start with two training plan run and ride


i won’t start with two Training Plans. One for run and one for Ride. Is this possible?


No, they are designed to do one at a time, but there are multi sport training plans coming soon.

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I’m in the middle of the Gran Fondo bike training plan and would like to start the half marathon running plan but have read in some outdated posts that participating in two training plans at the same time isn’t possible on Zwift. Just curious if there’s been any progress on this issue, either in the form of single multi-sport training plans that include running and riding, or whether it’s now possible to do a running plan and a riding plan at the same time? Thanks for any update.
-Greg Munson

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There is no charge and no release date as of yet.

Any updates on doing 2 training plans or multi-sport training plans on zwift?

As running is currently free a workaround is to create a second account to do the run training plan.

Thanks :slight_smile: - that sucks. Zwift should really look into getting this sorted.

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I am mostly a cyclist but have a new treadmill. Started a running program for a beginner and then today, noticed I couldn’t start a cycling training program. Therefore, I kept the running program and will do just the cycling workouts. Zwift should have this figured out, ask some game developers to help you out, fairly easy