Doing Zwift cycling and running plans at the same time

I think I know the answer to this before asking but…

Is it possible to do a training plan in each of Zwift Run and Zwift (cycling) at the same time?

Obviously I don’t mean literally the same time - I’m not able to cycle and run simultaneously. I imagine you’ll have ascertained that already.

No you can’t.

More discussion here: Be Able To Enroll In Both Running And Cycling Training Plans At The Same Time

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Thank you Daren. That’s what I feared would be the case.

The actual situation where I need to adjust by picking two separate ‘‘more reasonable’’ training plans is not ideal. A hybrid or dual Running-Riding training plan would be the best!

There is a training plan that lets you do both. It looks pretty tough. Called the multi-sport mixer.


Good to know! I’ll definitely look into it! Thanks!

Cripes. You weren’t kidding Fez.

Week 3 looks like a particularly cruel form of torture.

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