Workout program frustration

I’m frustrated with how workout programs work in zwift. I’ve been doing the build me up program. I should be starting week six this week. I ended up with a sinus infection and massive chest congestion so I’m unable to ride. So now my workouts are expiring. When I get to ride again not only will I need a few days to get back in the groove. The program will have progressed assuming I’ve been riding making it hard to catch up. Basically I’ve wasted 5 weeks of a 10 week program do to not being able to pause it. I’ve had this happen with injuries before as well. I understand they are trying to make you accountable to do your rides but stuff happens.

Many share your frustration, see this post and add your vote.


So again …I was unable to workout this week due to work/family stuff and gleefully carved an hour out for myself today AND my stupid program is a one hour “free ride”. If i wanted to just free ride I would not pay for
Zwift. Come on guys ! Third time this fall and totally frustrating. So I will spend the next few days checking out the alternatives ( suggested to me in the survey …

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I hear ya Lori. I think I’m just going to get a training peaks program with more flexibility.

Hi - I switched to Sufferfest.

I just started with Today’s Plan. Pretty happy with it. Seamless with Zwift. The workouts show up under the workout folder in Zwift. And results show up in Today’s Plan. And easy to move workouts around on the Today’s Plan schedule page.

I totally agree with this! In addition I wish Zwift would unlock all of the current week’s training sessions at the very least. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere if someone doesn’t have the self discipline not to overtrain zwift could offer the option to lock it down.

I also would like to still be able to see the details of completed sessions in multi week training plans that you can see beforehand such as the type, target zone, and length of the intervals done, cadence targets, etc.

I now use Trainer Road to control the trainer for workout sessions and run Zwift in the background to still catch all of my XP and drops. I still do occasional Zwift races because they are the best. In the end I could not be happier with TR. You can move workout days around to fit your life.

I think I may have figured out a way around this. Zwift support suggests changing your device date. Was easy to do on my phone but you can only change the time zone on Apple TV so depending how far back or forward you want to go you might have to run that workout through your phone or laptop instead. Also going forward more than a few days showed some workouts as “expired” but they came back when I changed the date back.