Build me up program


Just started the 12 week build me up program. Do i just do these workouts or is the room for a weekly ride or a long free ride. Any help greatly appreciated.


Im starting this plan this week also, and plan to do at least one long outside ride (maybe two when the weather improves).

Can we do more then one zwift workout a day?

Hey Shane,

I’m in Build me up week 9… FTP 250 ish , 50 years old ish

I found the first few weeks a bit easy and was topping up with Zwift Events / Longer ride / at the weekends.

But in week 9 its starting to get a bit ugly :slight_smile: , pretty intense , 5 sessions in the week.

The plan seems to be broken down into 4 week chunks , 4th, 8th and 12th are recovery type weeks.

So i reckon if you don’t get sucked into other Stuff , like Tour De Zwift like I did , should be ok for a (say) long Zone 2 ride on the Weekend.

I also built a custom recovery ride workout (low Zone 2) to stop me over doing it.

To answer other q , yes you can do multiple rides on same day , but it does prevent you doing too soon . ie this am , i had 2 of the weeks rides available, did 1 around 9am, and the 2nd one is now not available until 6pm.

A weeks rides are sort of ordered , with some not becoming available in the week.


Useful thanks. I see to start in week one there are two 30 min workouts. And it would be goid to do both in a session.

Great insight. Thanks alot.

Hi Andy, just seen your message here and I’m interested to know how this plan went, presuming you finished it (if so congratulations). Did you see any increase in your FTP? I’ve just started! :grinning::bike:


Yeah i think my FTP increased , when i first started Zwift i kind of guessed my FTP at 200 , which i think was near enough , and i think it went up to 230 or so.

I would say build me up is really good intro to Zwift and structured workouts which i hadnt done before,