Question about BUILD ME UP program on Zwift

Hi everyone,

I am on my 4th week (rest week) of the BMU, I have a quick question regarding the program.

First, my background.

No cycling experience prior, Started cycling around February 2021, I liked it so much that I quickly ramped up 3000 KMs from March to the end of summer (End of September) doing lots of 60km to 100km rides during the weekend and quick 30-50km rides on weekdays (I even sold my aluminum road bike for a carbon one), it also got me really happy because I lost like 20 lbs of weight from march to August because of cycling, I felt healthier and I noticed that my overall fitness improved and I don’t tire easilly now. I started Zwifting on September when i bought a Kickr Core to continue cycling on the colder days ahead and quickly got hooked! I am 38 years old.

I was just doing free rides and random group rides but then I decided to try out workouts/training aspect of Zwift. So I started the Build Me Up program 3-4 weeks ago, before starting the program I did a ramp test and got an FTP score of 186 (I am 72 kg, so 2.58w/kg). First 3 weeks were great, some workouts are really hard (Ham Sandwich was really hard!) but I was able to complete them without any issues. Towards the end of the 3rd week I felt really strong and during this 4th week, after the Pedaling Drills workout, I decided to do another FTP ramp test.

I got a score of 203 (giving me 2.83w/kg)! I was happy and I think it also means I got stronger because I was following the program without missing any workouts and looks like the program was working. I intend to finish the whole program since I liked it so much and it keeps me motivated to get on the bike.

My question is, do I set this new FTP moving forward or do I keep it at 186? Maybe I should put it somewhere in the middle like 195? Some of the workouts were pretty hard but not impossible so I am not sure if I should put it to the max of 203. Does this program intend us to adjust FTP or keep it for the whole program and realize the gains at the end?

If you have an experience doing this program, please share your thoughts with me.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Ron - welcome to the forums.

Yes, adjust it though, I have never seen that as an official guide. If you find its a bit much in later workouts, you can always use the bias in the Companion App to reduce but if you like pushing yourself, adjust. You can adjust up to +/- 10% so that mostly covers the increase.