Training programme after build me up

I am just on my last day (well tomorrow) of my 12 week ‘Build me up’, so I will be doing my FTP test tomorrow. I can feel how much stronger i am now than what i were before i started,.
I have really enjoyed Build me up but I am now thinking what training programme to do next.
I am really enjoying doing a structured training as it motivates me to actually get on the bike, as unless I have something scheduled I tend to be a bit lazy and put things off.,

I love the training programme in Build me up but I want to increase the hours a bit, so I have been looking at what other training programmes there are which are longer per week.

I wouldnt mind doing Build me up again but I want to increase the hours so I have been looking at ’ Active Offseason’.
I really want to improve power and stamina.

What would you all recomment for this Build me up or Active offseason (or another programme)?

Many thanks


You are asking the same question I’m asking. I cannot help though. What I can do is offer an opinion. I just finished week #1 of the build me up 12 week program. I will finish up on Feb 15ish. If my FTP is improved and I feel that I gave the workouts a good effort, then I personally will consider the 6 week FTP booster. This will take me to April 1st which is when I will start to transition back to IRL riding.

I’m 2 years into cycling, one year into Zwift. This is my first structured workout program. I do have about 5000 miles and 370,000 feet of climbing in my year on Zwift, Still the Build me Up workouts are tough for me. Based on that I cannot imagine it will not boost my performance at least a little.

Anyway I think any structured training is better than just riding around in group rides or solo. If I were just finishing up the 12 weeks now and my FTP came up better then I would probably repeat the build me up at the higher ftp.

Thanks Thomas for the response… I feel that the 5 hour per week in ‘Build me up’ is not enough but looking at 'Active offseason’s 9 hour per week feels like quite jump to commit for the next 12 weeks.
So I think I will do another ‘Build me up’ but try to fit in an additional ride or 2 during the week. I feel 7 hours a week is probably where i would like to be but not really any training programmes that gives that
I increased my FTP by 43 watts (190 to 233, still low I know but I was quite pleased with that improvement). Another 43 and I will be very happy :wink:

Hi Jon.
My ftp is 190 right now. If I can get the same result as you 230 by the time I finish this workout course I will be thrilled

Hi Tom and Jon,

I am just finishing week 3 of build me up.
Just wondering if this training plan is making an effect on your cycling in term of power and endurance. Waiting for your advice. Thanks.