Suggestions for training programme

Hi folks,
I’m looking to start a new training programme over the Christmas period and could really do with your suggestions.
I’ve just finished doing the 4 week FTP builder and now my FTP is up to 245.
I need another structured plan to get we fit for a 1000km bike ride in April (real bike ride!)
I have about 5 hours per week spare to do the training.
I was looking at build me up but was a bit put off by the first few weeks that look a bit easy.
Would really appreciate your ideas for a workout I can get my teeth stuck into over the next few months.
Thank you!

Build Me Up is a more advanced plan than the FTP builder and I wouldn’t say the first few weeks are easy. The Unicorn workouts are tough as well as Ham Sandwich.

Hi Leo, I’m basically in the same boat as you: just finished 6 week beginner, looking for next thing. Mike recommended the build me up. I’ve only done 1 session so far, but my impression is that it’s going to be H.A.R.D., compared to the beginner FTP builder. For me, the first 2 weeks of the FTP builder made me wonder if I had the wrong FTP value set when I configured Zwift. It got harder. I think maybe the Build me up is going to start hard. The unicorns don’t look pleasant. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice Mike. Perhaps east was the wrong word!
Looking at the prep week I was a bit put off by the pedalling drills, but I guess I can skip them.
Some of them like Unicorn do look a good challenge.
Think I’ll start tomorrow

wait until Monday, always start a plan on a Monday or they won’t give you enough time to do week 1.

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Build Me Up will grow on you… and don’t underestimate pedaling drills, they are not that easy. Plus, you can always squeeze a fun ride before or after if you feel it isn’t enough.

While your initial post did not indicate your starting FTP (prior to entering the Training Programme), the implication is that you achieved an increase as a result of your previous efforts. Why move away from the training programme which already yielded measurable benefits? Having completed the workout plan does not stop you from repeating the same plan with higher nominal benchmark metrics. That said, the event you are targeting requires more than just increased FTP. Clearly, unless you are starting from a “highly trained endurance athlete” point, you need to be riding at endurance levels for AT LEAST 2-3 hours per day (allowing for recovery days, too) to prepare for such an event (the details of which you have not provided). Do you have the entire month of April to ride 1000km, or are you going to ride it around the clock (like the Ride Across America format)? These are very different ride experiences that will require VERY different training approaches. Training for the sake of training will most certainly yield health benefits, but likely unproductive for your targeted event. Time trialists train differently than Tour de France cyclists. My gut is telling me that you need to put on some great music, create and then follow a custom workout plan that is tailored to the type of event you’re entering. You could also consider getting a one-time coach (Training Peaks?) and download the custom training structure to Zwift.

Hi Wes,
Thank you very much for the detailed response.
The 1000km is spread over seven days. The route is fairly flat but I will be carrying luggage such as tent, sleeping bag etc.
For that reason we will not be breaking any records speed wise, it is more of a leisurely trundle. However it is obviously more of an endurance issue being able to do it day after day.
With the weather horrible in the UK I just want to be doing something that I know is improving my strength/stamina over the next couple of months before I venture outside again.
Once it is spring I will have a couple of months on the road where I can do some more long distance cycling in preparation.
Thanks again

I would recommend 150-200km rides whenever and as often as possible, allowing for rest as dictated by your own body… Your body will begin its adaptations immediately, but the average untrained person will need at least the amount of time you have available to prepare and not be miserable on the entire cruise. The power output doesn’t matter as much as your heart rate zone(s). Do your training rides at a Zone 2 Heart Rate. The other thing you can do, (hint/hint: to make up for the “luggage” you’ll be lugging), is to take your body fat levels down to fighting weight. The ride sounds like great fun actually, depending on the group dynamics of course. Enjoy!