Build Me Up followed by another Build Me Up - Good Idea?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask whether it makes sense to stack the same workout programme one after the other? I started with an FTP of 251, ended with one of 258 which was a bit of disappointment but I’m wondering if i should simply redo the workout programme and expect different results.

I’m wondering if anyone has any additional tips to land a good FTP test, I’m wondering if I sabotaged myself somehow as I was hoping for more of a 10% increase to be honest. :flushed:

My FTP didn’t much improve either. BUT before the build me up there is no way I could have sustained it for an hour. Now I actually can. So maybe the improvement isn’t fully reflected in the FTP number itself.

I timed it a bit wrong so I am going to finish Build me Up at 9 weeks, do an FTP test and restart it with the new FTP in Feb after the Tour.

My FTP started right around where yours is (245) and I don’t anticipate a huge increase but I can sustain that well now and I can pedal all day at 220w (90% of FTP) so as mentioned I see benefits that may not be reflected in an increased FTP.

What I don’t know is how much rest I should take before the test and whether I should do the classic test or the ramp. I am worried about pacing myself correctly with the classic one.

Thanks for your answer @Federico_Cribiore and @Per_Forssell, I think it helps put it in context which is always handy. I had understood that FTP tests should be taken around max 1x per month but don’t know how true that is especially if you suspect you might have not done it as well as you could have.

I guess over the Christmas break I’ll do some alternative activities just to change things up and then sign up for another Build Me Up in the new year and see how it progresses.

I ended up with an FTP of 268 after my test . I’ll start the program over with the new FTP after the Tour de Zwift