Build me up (FTP)

(Michael) #1

Think I am looking for general opinions here not an answer more about what my FTP should feel like.

I am currently doing Build me up, into Week 4 I think it is and I think/feel that my FTP is too low, today I did sneaky and I the TSS is quite low but I didn’t feel challenged in anyway shape or form.

So my question is doing these workouts should I be feeling like I am close to the end of my tether when finishing the ride or should it feel like this because it is about building up. I assume it will build up as the weeks go on but I am tempted at the moment to increase my FTP say 10 watts.

Anyone got any good advice about how I should be feeling during these work outs ?

P.S I am really enjoyed the pedalling drills going to start doing that 30 minute workout each night from now on. I am throwing in a longer ride out in real life of about 100 km’s and also doing other Zwift workout rides when not doing build me up and I actually think the 100 km road rides is increasing my fitness and my FTP is probably going up.

(Huwelfedus) #2

Subscribe to TrainerRoad for one month and do a Ramp Test, that’ll give you a number to work with.

(Tim) #3

Sounds like your FTP is too low.
You should feel very tired and exhausted at the end of a FTP test.

The training tests, not so much.
They are designed to force you to use and develop diffent aspects of your muscles.

You should repeat an FTP test.
You should givit your all for 20 min.
One advantage to repeating an FTP test is you will learn how to perform the FTP to maximize you performance.
You don’t want to start off too fast because you want to be able to increase the power/pace a little in the second half then the last 3-5 minites give it all you got.
Then you should be exhausted.

(Sudipto) #4

I think your default FTP is set too low - much lower than your actual FTP. You have to find out your exact FTP and then set the bar at the level that you find. The training schedules are supposed to be tailored to your FTP.

(Henk) #5

Or get the custom Zwift workout step test mentioned here:

And do the calculation yourself, as per the instructions. Probably not as convenient as TrainerRoad’s built in Ramp Test, but should give you a fairly good approximation.

(Michael) #6

Thanks for the feedback, all very welcome and very constructive, I did Emily’s Short Mix tonight with a 15 w FTP increase and I think it was a bit harder than it felt last time, I have a purple unicorn to do by Sunday night so I am going to keep this level for now and see how it goes.

Will check out that Youtube video and maybe also give the Trainer Road idea a go as well.


(Chadd) #7

I was doing the TT Tune up and into week 4 the workouts seemed noticeably easier. So I did another full FTP test on Zwift last night and it had gone up 15 points. I am hoping that the TT Tune up will now use the updated FTP for the workout tonight.

(Michael) #8

I did the wringer this morning that was nice and hard, I have noticed this is an easier week in Build me up, but sticking with this ne FTP value for now and see how it goes, I’m being careful I don’t want to push myself to hard, being cautious with my heart, all good so far.

I’m kind of ok with this, like I noticed things were a bit easier so kind of happy to notice it myself and monitor it manually, might do an FTP test half way through.

Good replies! Thanks.

(Frank) #9

I wanted to chime in here as I’m about to complete the Build Me Up program. For many weeks I felt like the program was too easy and didn’t feel as gassed as I would have expected for the intensity being promoted on the screen. So I would use the Zwift companion app to bump the intensity up to 110% once the workout started which allows you to increase the intensity without changing your FTP number. Once I hit Week 9 I started to notice a difference in the workouts - more of them and they got harder. Week 10 and 11 were very difficult. Week 12 is fairly easy followed by an FTP test.

Use the companion app to adjust the intensity - it helps if you don’t feel you’re working hard enough. I’ll post how I do after the FTP test but I definitely feel stronger having completed the 12 weeks. I’m expecting an increase.