FTP jumping up during normal rides

(Art Mills) #1

So, I just started the 6-week FTP builder.

I’m a 48-year-old fatty clocking in at 294. I love riding but got out of practice and my FTP dropped from 218 to around 174 as of Nov. 30 in a test with Zwift.

I’ve ridden every day since. And my FTP has climbed now three times and now says it’s 212.

So, two questions.

  1. Is it normal for your FTP to leap up like that in normal rides in Watopia, New York or whatever?

  2. Is this jump something I should manually set back to not impact the FTP workout six weeks, or should I just go with it?

In fairness, the FTP test I took was at the tail end of 6 days of riding and I was seriously not feeling it. So I was both surprised it was that low and not surprised. Equally, it has rebounded up in 8 days to around my high at 212 just from riding. Today it went from 191 to 212 I think because I didn’t simply die on that big New York climb.

Just wondering if I should set it back mostly, or just roll with it and hope I don’t die in the FTP workouts :).

(Claus) #2

I would leave it there - it seems Zwift has detected a new, higher effort from you, than what you did in the FTP-test, so it is probably a more correct value right now.

And if you do feel like the workouts are too hard, use the “FTP Bias” setting, you can use those to make the workout feel up to 10% easier on a bad day or harder on your good days. The arrows to do that is there for a reason - not all days are equal (as your low FTP-test also show), so no reason to not adjust the threshold accordingly.

(Martyn Kimberley (COPZ)) #3

Bear in mind that Zwift FTP increases are based on your best 20 minute effort. So this effort could come right at the start of a ride when you are fresh, full of energy and ready to push hard.

The FTP tests are designed to introduce a level of fatigue before the block of work that is entered in to the FTP equation. Therefore a much better gauge of what you can do over the course of a hour.

So if you were looking have a fully accurate measurement for training purposes i would refer to your test result. If you are not really interested in training and simply want a good number then stay with the Zwift auto generated one.

(Art Mills) #4

I get this, though like I said, the last big move up was due to the hill on that NYC ride where I was basically around 300 most of the time because the bike wouldn’t go up otherwise :). But I do get the point and thank you for the feedback.