Inaccurate FTP?

Hi All- I’m a level 18, B class rider who does about 75mi/week and I’m a Zwift Academy graduate. With that said, I’m using a non-responsive trainer (CycleOps) and think my FTP seems higher than it should be.

I’m 130lbs (59kg) and the watt average of my last 10 rides is 218. As of a race I did yesterday, Zwift sent me notice that my FTP went from 243 to 252. 

Do I need to adjust my data or confidence?

Thanks for the help- Renee

Hi Renee,

When a race or ride re-creates the conditions of an FTP test (20+ minutes of high effort), Zwift will re-calculate your FTP. If it ends up being HIGHER than your last test, we’ll give you the option of increasing it according to our calculations (or discarding it).

It just basically means you’ve gotten stronger :slight_smile: