Help on FTP

I started Zwifting with a non-smart trainer and did the Zwift 101 training plan as my first experience. During that plan, Zwift had calculated my FTP values. After a while, I bought a smart trainer and noticed that my FTP levels determined before were unrealistic, higher than my actual effort. Now, I plan repeating the FTP test again, but, the steps in the test is adjusted according to my inaccurate values. What should I do? Do the FTP test regardless of the levels or change my FTP manually regarding my Zwift rides (I’ve already done about 10 group rides).

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Alpin_Yalci

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You can set your FTP to 100 then do the FTP test and Zwift will save the new value.

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Thanks Gerrie… I’ll do it like that.