Rookie Zwifter: Zwift 101

Another Rookie Question…

I’m taking the Zwift 101 training (on a smart trainer) and tomorrow I will be doing the understanding Thresholds which at the end will give me a FTP. My concern is my first ever ride was on a dummy trainer and I felt the FTP given was too high so I changed it. I did the Just the Basics on my new Smart trainer but I don’t think it cared to much about my FTP. Now my issue is I don’t want to under challenge myself. I set it very modest at 150 but will it use that to test me or does it have another way of figuring it out? Should I raise it to maybe 225 and let it make the adjustments if it’s too high?

Zwift won’t lower your FTP. So to be sure set it to 150 and do the short FTP test.

@Gerrie_Delport thank you for replying…

If my FTP is 150 and the Test ranges between 120-150FTP how will it know if I should be at 190 if that’s the case?

Good question:

So during the FTP test there are a free ride portion, this is the actual test. During the free ride portion you should change the resistance to a value you think you can hold for 20min. So you should get a good estimate of your FTP and a very good base line.

You can change resistance by using the incline buttons on the companion app.