Next training after FTP beginner

Hi. I’m nearing the end of FTP beginner builder. My FTP ramp test was 210. I find the workouts moderately challenging. I have also tried a 2x20 interval at FTP but failed that miserably - I suspect that was more a timing issue than anything else

What would be a next logical choice (s) for a training program? My goals are to improve overall speed and hill ability


@Mark assuming you are an strong rider with experience given your FTP, a good one to consider is the Build Me Up. It is a 4-5 hr / week for 12 weeks training plan and it will push you pretty hard. I’m 4 weeks into it and impressed with how hard it can push me during and what my legs feel like afterwards. If you have the time to commit to it, it’s a good plan so far as I see it.

Thanks Joel. Your response is helpful. I had looked at build me up and active off-season as the next two. However, it seems the second in addition to a bigger time commitment is more focused on endurance than Build Me Up is. That seems like a good next choice

Thanks again