What's new on Zwift! 10/27 v1.0.8252

Hey Zwifters - thanks for all the quick feedback on workout mode! We’ve got a few fixes and improvements in this minor release:

  • Fixed odd issues with the workout selection menu
  • Added display of average watts during your 20 minute FTP test
  • Disabled ERG mode when power meter is paired. Workouts with a power meter paired will feel as if they are in a steady resistance mode. This works around issues where a user’s smart trainer and power meter disagree and ERG portions of the workout cannot be done accurately.
  • Full screen mode fixed :slight_smile:
  • Renamed “12wk Winter Plan (beginner)” to “12wk Winter Plan (advanced)”
  • In a workout, virtual power is now used rather than zPower to give more steady power readings
  • Wobbly camera issues reduced
  • Addressed a bug where some accounts might crash upon logging into the game
  • Added a group chat mute checkbox in settings screen for those to prefer not to hear global messages.
  • Added image upload preferences to settings screen to manage auto uploading of pictures to your Strava activities
  • “Dark Tunnel” effect reduced during FTP test segment

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the work. i#ve been using zwift since the first hour it launched last year… so. i am super excited about workout mode.

I want to know 2 things:

1). The 12wk Winter Training Plan advanced

There are 3 Weeks online/aivailable so far. When i start with week 1 now, will week 4,5,6… be online when i need them?

  1. Workout Mode

Will it be possible to create workouts by myself?

This will be way easier to train because zwift would then be my all-in-one training solution. Right now i’m runniong golden cheetah in trainer mode on a second screen.

Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin!

Thanks for the kind words! To answer your questions:

  1. Yes! We’re adding them in very soon :slight_smile:

  2. Eventually, yes. We’re planning for that feature for sure.

Hi there

does the FTP given in the short ftp test (20 minutes) already have the 5%reduction to approximate the full hour FTP ?

Hello Eric,

my pleasure…

so, i’m on week 3 right now wit the 12wk winter plan… so wk4 is online right now… hopefully this will work out.

and for the workout mode: it would be awesome if the workout editor/creator tool would have a nice and practical solution to create intervalls. thats what most of the other solutions dont have (gc). sth like programmable “elements” for duration/intensity/pwr/rpm/hr/speed… on which u can specify the aim or better 2! goals per module. and then after the module programming is done sth like a graphical drag&drop solution would be perfect. so the user should be able to program 1 intervall per “module” and afterwards all those intervallmodules should be combined to 1 workout per drag&drop. easy/fast/adaptive… this would be really awesome.regards martin