Workout Mode

(Trevor Dias) #1

Hi, got an email today saying early access will be opened up for workout mode.


Anyone know when this will happen?

(denise romeo) #2

hi. i was wondering the same thing.  very much interested in the workout mode, just not sure if i was missing where the download was, or if you enter it somehow within zwift?


(Trevor Dias) #3

I logged on expecting to either see an update load or a new feature in the settings. However nothing there, so wondering if I am missing something also?

(Sam Woitzik) #4

Same for me, was hoping to try it out today (after the email) and there’s nothing there that I can find.  

(Scott) #5

Train on from tonight’s release :slight_smile:

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #6

It’s there now. Just launch Zwift and it should update itself to the latest version, complete with workout mode.

(Will I Am Adams) #7

I  did a  workout this  am -   very  cool -  I   have  been riding about 5,000 miles a  year on a  computrainer and    really like the structure workout  concept on Zwift


I  did the  60-90 min workout and  there were   a few  max power  10 second intervals -   the resistance  went  so  high I  eventually  couldn’t  turn the pedals?  Is that me or something  that  will be  refined?

(J A.M.I.E. Lockwood) #8

Change gear? That’s what I did.


I chose “Jon’s workout” - and 3 issues arose…


1-half way through, all other riders disappeared …

2-I continued to the end of workout and the program froze on saving (but thankfully saved the whole ride).

3- on the parts of the workout where I had to do 170watts for 10 mins there was little resistance so I had to spin to get the watts 90rpm? Using my cyclocross meant I ran out of gears so had to spin a bit more than was comfortablee

Edit - forgot to say I’m using a tacx vortex smart.

(Will I Am Adams) #9

No I did not have any of those issues.  Decreasing gearing made no difference on the max power.   In fact you actually should be doing the opposite 

(J A.M.I.E. Lockwood) #10

You didn’t stop (pause)  or change any kit mid session did you? Oddly enough I had insane resistance issues this afternoon. I picked a training to do and started off. After a short while I realised I had forgotten to put my HRM on so I stopped to put it on. Zwift acknowledged the HRM so I tried to continue the workout. Any how on commencing the resistance went crazy-hard and I had to quit and restart the whole Zwift program. 

(Alison Kubota [Vision] CVR) #11

Workout mode - VERY NICE.  I like how the leaderboards (and the associated zPower jersey rage) are not there to distract.  

(Michael Cormier(Legaci)) #12

I still don’t see it and I just updated to the new version? What menu is it located in???

(Will I Am Adams) #13

No  I  am not pausing - I  road another workout  today -  same issue on the max power -  This is in ERG mode too

Its like program  ramps up the power to quickly to  wear  you  cant  turn the pedals ( my  max power is like  950 watts…)

Michael -  you cant miss the workout button  - its front and center - embedded in the  Ride now button

(. Zed) #14