Workout mode - my first reactions

(Mitch) #1

CONTEXT: Up to now I have done training on TrainerRoad, using ANT+ from a low power i3 based PC to KICKR.

  1. Reported in another post: Compared to TR, Zwift workout mode was slower to change resistance in ERG mode to keep the power demand even. On a “real ride” on the island where resistance is reacting to grade, then the rider has less clue what it should be so probably doesn’t notice if there is a delay in the resistance adjustment.

  2. Grade profile of the route: I was perplexed to see this still here in trainer mode. At first I was shocked to still find myself riding the island at all or see other riders, I thought I would just the some generic display of the intervals coming and done (but this was a prejudice from my training on TR). Once I got over that - which I did easily - I was still confused to see my place on the route on the top right but for the hill gradient of the route still to be showing. I suggest switching it out to a top down route view at in trainer mode and showing the location of other riders on a scrolling map viewed from above.

  3. The upcoming intervals in the table on the left were too hard to read - too small.

  4. The grouping of intervals into batches was confusing. I would prefer to see a line item for every effort transition.

  5. Ending: When my scheduled training was over, without fanfare I was just plunged into a regular Zwift ride on the island. Having done a 10 minute cool down I was just dropped 30% up a 7% hill climb. I had fun trying to make my legs find 400W of power at that time, but really trainer mode needs to end properly and summarize the work done, and provide the option to keep riding if desired.

  6. The combination of Zwifting rides, with Structured Training is awesome value. This alone would cause me to lock on a premium Zwift monthly fee and not use TrainerRoad. But the range of training sessions and all up plans needs to be broad enough to conduct a cogent training plan. Initial impression is that it is diverse and complete enough and will only get better.

  7. Would like to understand where I can enter my FTP and VO2MAX and HR bands and be confident Zwift is using these to calibrate the training sessions.

Ride On guys - Zwift is shaping up to be awesome. You already trump BKOOL and are close to besting TrainerRoad. Now if only a training session could be created from a .fit file or other file exported from a real - ride done with a Garmin, or a Strava ride or segment, that would be awesome.

(Ben Brawn) #2

Definitely agree with 3,4,5. Although for me (with my tiny screen) I couldn’t imagine having larger text and more lines of text. But boy did I nearly die when I thought I was going into a 130 W interval but instead it was 240 W.

By the way, you can enter your FTP, in the game menu click the pencil near your name, you can enter it there. From what I can see V02max and HR isn’t used.

(. Spinmonkey) #3

Regarding point 1) I find the lag on the hills very noticeable in particular on Richmond. On the first cobbled climb at the 2 switch-backs the gradient percentage is dropping as the ERG effort is still increasing. I’m now trying to ignore the %numbers and the shape of the road and go by feel. On a Wahoo Kickr.

(Jeroen Vettorato) #4

Point 7) I agree with VO2Max and HR zones. FTP can be entered in the workout selection screen though.

Also i would like to be able to enter my most efficient cadence, so the workout can take this into account. I have quite a low cadence and I carry quite a lot of mass in my legs, so when the workout wants me to do 120 RPM I bounce through the entire room, almost out of the window.