BETA Training mode feedback

I just did the week 1, Day 2 12WK FTP builder [mouthfull]. I noticed that the KICKR adapts slow when engaging the sprint at a higher cadence (>100). After the sprint the flight wheel moves to fast to adapt again to the new lower Wattage. I didn’t have this problem when approaching the sprint at a low cadence and let the KICKR first adapt to the higher ERG and then started to sprint. If I do this, I don’t really sprint and sprinting is the key part of this workout.

adding, since hopefully this is a good place for feedback:  3 comments, on the whole, I like.  I like placement of workout metrics up and center–prevents stem-staring. but . . .

  1. I’d like to be able to see the plans from the “My Zwift” web-page, I’d like to be able to preview workouts and assess ‘done’ workouts from outside the game.

  2.  really the same as #2, just more focusing on in and  post-ride assessment.  A nice TrainerRoad feature is the little on-screen summary of key interval data just after you complete it: actual power, target power, cadence, etc.  This would be nice, as would being able to see and analyze the actual intervals on strava (i ain’t payin’ for TrainingPeaks or WKO or whatever).

  3.  the big difference from trainerroad that i can detect now is the absence of the comments on screen in zwift workout.  i have mixed feelings about the TR comments–some are really good, and the focus on techniques in several TR rides DOES take my mind off the level of suffering, but it’s a delicate balance