Kickr bike + Zwift bike setup

Hello. I’m new to Zwift, and have a new Kickr Bike. I was able to get onto Zwift and run a 30-minute training session. While for the most part it all went well, I was challenged on the flats to pick up speed even on my highest gear. The profile I have set up for the bike is a 50/34 big/small ring (2X rings) with 10 cogs on the cassette and an 11-28T range. I was pretty much in high gear the whole ride, with the power moving from 85-130W throughout the ride. It didn’t feel like it does on the road where I drop down to a lower gear when ascending, but then go to a higher gear to pick up more speed on the flats.

What might I be missing? As far as I can tell the Kickr Bike doesn’t need a calibration, so I just connected, picked a training ride and went at it. Is there something else I should be doing on either the Zwift or Kickr side? Many thanks for your any suggestions!

What sort of cadence were you keeping? I would say that 130 watts it’s not a lot, so perhaps that is why your speed was not what you expected.

Thanks for the reply @Nigel_Tufnel. I don’t recall my cadence at 130W, but when I was down around 85W my cadence was ~120. Does that make sense to you?

Did you do a workout in ERG mode or free ride a route where the terrain will alter the resistance on the kickr bike?

it may be the trainer difficulty setting?


Both were training sessions with ERG mode on. I have yet to do one with a significant change in terrain.

Ah, erg mode. I missed that as a possibility. In erg mode the trainer will automatically adjust the resistance to whatever gear and cadence you are using so that your power output matches what the workout is looking for. Maybe try some rides in sim mode, or pick some workouts that requires a higher power output, and see what happens then.


That was it. Thanks for helping a new guy out!

Also check your FTP setting, if too low the workout will be too easy. Complete an FTP test if needed, make sure you are fresh before starting, they are designed to be very difficult.


Will do … thanks Mike!