Trainer Becoming Less Resistant

Hi Everyone-

Has anyone noticed that upon setup, Zwift, using Wahoo Kickr, seems to auto adjust and not allow for a consistent, persistent cadence and wattage? For example, I will start at a cadence of 85 and 200W only to continue riding and 30-seconds later my cadence has to increase to 100+ to keep the 200W. Is this a setting issue?

gradient changing? (note: there are lots of “false flats” in zwift)
or are you doing a workout w/ ERG mode on? (program might have a specific wattage/cadence target which bike will continually adjust resistance to hold you at).

that or ur trainer just needs a bit of time to warm up.
that’s why ur recommended to ride for at least 10mins before attempting to calibrate etc.

A couple of things might be going on and they are dependent upon how you are riding.
If you are riding a workout, using erg mode, you might be spinning faster because your trainer is trying to maintain your output at the specified level. I have a tendency to push slightly harder than the workout wants and my cadence must increase as the trainer automatically reduces resistance to keep the power where it should be.
If you are riding, not in erg mode, you could be on a slight slope that could cause your resistance to decrease.
A little more information about your set up and what conditions you are experiencing this in would lend to better problem solving.
Answer back if you need to.
Jimmie Will