Resistance Stays the same

Hello all,

I m new to Zwift but I don’t understand it,maybe someone can help me.

I got a wahoo kickr snap and my bike.

I started a training today i dont feel difference between climbing and decending, i also switch gears during the workout(I read on internet that’s not to be done.

What m i doing wrong?

Please help

I have been having this issue for the last 15+ rides or so with my kickR v5. While I am not doing a workout, most times I have to increase my watts to maintain a speed from 0% to -5% gradient, this happens after coming from a climb. Its like Zwift is not responding to gradient changes fast enough, or doesn’t update at all, or has issues with the auto spindown the kickr does when you stop pedalling. This happens in 0% to 50% trainer difficulty, I have not tried anything higher than that. One instance I only had 3 gears to use during a Zwift group event, anything higher or lower was hard or I was spinning out.



If you are doing a workout you won’t feel resistance. It’s called ERG mode. When you are doing a normal ride you will feel resistance.

Have a read here.

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Thank you, So i need to put ERG mode OFF, i got it on

If you are doing a workout it’s probably better to have ERG on. Unless you are pretty experienced it can be hard to maintain the current target wattage with it off.

ERG does this for you.

When not in workouts yes I’d turn it off (it is by default) otherwise you don’t get to have the real Zwift experience.

Oke thnx for your respond, i will try to put it off first and find out if my trainer will change resistance.

I still don’t get it, I put erg off and i tried a ftp test and still no resistance…

Is your trainer paired as Controllable?

It works now, I changed the “Trainer difficulty “ higher and now i felt a 6% climb.

Thx for your help.

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