Resistance is futile 😃

Hi all,. First time on Zwift and have the following situation occurring:

Doing a structured workout (Emily Short mix I think) and when power change is required my power output figure changes to whatever the workout demands even though I keep the same cadence. The resistance on my trainer doesn’t change at all either. Only way I know I’m on a hill is that my speed drops.
I’m on a budget so using a 2nd hand Kickr Snap and app on my Android phone.

Can anyone assist or give me a pointer? Tried doing spindowns etc but nothing seems to change.
Worried that I’ve wasted what little money I have!!

Thanks for reading.

In erg mode, resistance changes from gradient are completely ignored, you simply match the power interval requirements and Zwift calculates your speed according to gradient.

Make sure you are pairing the trainer as power and controllable

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t realise that about ERG mode. I’ll also check the pairing configuration.

Just checked and I’ve got it set for power and control.
I think there’s still a problem as my power output seems to automatically change even when I stay at the same effort and cadence. :person_shrugging:

That is how ERG mode works.

Thanks for reply. Ok, I’ll be honest, I still don’t really understand. What’s the point of having to put out increasing amounts of power in a workout if it automatically adjusts to do that without extra effort from me? I’m just pedalling along easily and all that changes in my “in-game” speed. That’s why I think I’m still doing something wrong, it just feels easy and I’m certainly not super fit :smiley:
Hopefully I’ll get my head round it. I’ll try something else that doesn’t use that mode I think…

If i’ve understood you correctly the power that is displayed on screen changes but you don’t feel as though anything has changed through the trainer?

This isn’t what erg mode is supposed to do. Erg mode is meant to increase and decrease the resistance of your trainer to keep you at a target power figure.

are you able top post a screen shot of the post ride report (you can find this in activities in the companion app or online)

Thanks Chris, you’ve described perfectly what’s happening. I didn’t save any rides from today but this is a recent one.

you should definitely have noticed it getting harder to pedal going from the yellow to the red bits on that. It is a weird one. Have you done any free rides (not workouts, just selecting a route and riding it) if so did you notice the changes in gradient?

It can be that your trainer is still connected to another app or device.

I’m going to try a free ride tonight after work and see how that is.
The trainer is disconnected from the Wahoo app that I’m meant to use for a spin down test.
Thanks again for replies.

That wouldn’t explain why the power displayed in game changes though, that’s very strange and not something I’ve seen (other that when the kickr bike report target watts instead of actual)

My thinking is that the controllable section is still connectected to another device.

Managed to get this sorted. Deleted the app from my phone and now running it from my laptop and everything seems to be​:sunglasses:. Thanks for everyone’s helpful replies :+1:t2:

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