Erg mode not working?

I was riding today and when I climb hills and stuff my resistance does not increase at all. It shows my speed slowing at the same watts but I thought Swift was supposed to work on erg mode. 


I have a cycle ops magnus connected via bluetooth

What you are describing is consistent with my understanding of ERG mode–you maintain a steady cadence, and Zwift controls the resistance on your trainer to maintain a power.

Think of ERG mode as the software shifting your bike for you; all you have to do is maintain a cadence.

I think the resistance SHOULD change in the scenario Matt is describing.  Perhaps Matt you should dial up the setting for how much resistance you want the trainer to simulate. (I forget what it’s called, but it’s a sliding bar in ‘settings’.)

My understanding is that ERG Mode occurs only in workouts - the idea is to maintain power no matter what the cadence is - I also believe the simulation of hills (gets harder when you hit them is not on when you are doing a worktout - I may be wrong as I’ve only had my smart trainer for a week now)

When you free ride - the resistance settings (difficulty) will kick in to simulate the effort required to go up hills - to keep the same cadence you’ll have to ramp up your power output when going up a hill - just like the real world.  ERG mode is not in effect (when using Zwift in free ride mode) as far as I can tell.  ERG mode is for workouts.  If I’ve got it wrong, apologies but this is what I’ve noticed.

I was wondering the same. It seems the software is shifting for me, going up hill the resistance feels about the same but I slow down. What if I wanted to feel the resistance of going up hill?