Erg Bug in Application

I am unable to turn ERG off on my account when doing a free ride. Here is what I have done to test this is isolated to my ZWIFT account

  1. When I ride a free ride (or a Workout with ERG OFF) on my account, ERG remains on. When I hit a climb, nothing happens with the resistance
  2. I log out of ZWIFT and log in on my sons account, same machine, same trainer, same phone and ERG is off. The resistance on the hills increases as we climb, but only on his account.
  3. As soon as I switch users to my account, same PC, same phone, same trainer EFG remains on, nothing happens when I ride up a hill
  4. I am running the latest ZWIFT app on the PC
  5. I have updated firmware on the trainer and done a spin down.

Please advice what I should do.

Hi @Andrew_Hunter1

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ERG is only for workouts. In free ride your trainer will be in sim mode. If your trainer does not simulate the terrain in free ride mode then it could be that you did not pair your your trainer as controllable and use ANT+ FE-c. Also set your trainer difficulty to 100% to test.

If you are in a workout Zwift wont simulate the route even with ERG off. In a workout with ERG on zwift will control the trainer according to the workout. If you turn ERG off in a workout you have to manually adjust the resistance using incline button on the companion app or the ± keys on your keyboard

Thank you for the speedy reply, awesome. My question is why does it work when I simply log out, log in as my son, same trainer, same phone, same PC, same everything and I feel the hills as we hit them. We even rode the same route on Watopia. His account we feel the hills, but as soon as I log in as me, it like I am riding the hills on flat, there is no resistance at all.

Thanks again for the help.

Did you check that you have trainer difficulty set as 100% on your profile.

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Hi, I did not know about that. Let me take a look at that. Thanks

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