Cadence info on workouts


Sorry if this has been covered before, I did search for a few posts but no answers seemed to be clear.

I have been doing most of my Zwift riding in workout mode since the start of the year, mostly the ftp plans. I really enjoy it, however I find there never seems to be any info on what cadence to do during the workout and the descriptions are often vague.

For example I just started the 8 week race day prep and on the description  “Day 3 - split 2/3” it says “Watch the rpm’s change to activate different energy system’s and work the legs and lungs. A cardio workout followed by a leg workout”.

I did not see any guidance on rpm’s so I just spun at 90rpm as usual, surely if Im spinning at the same cadence the whole time I am just working cardio and not the legs.

Sorry I see some of hunters challenge has cadence stuff but I have not done them yet so I don’t know if they give rpm info in during the workout.

I am using a Tacx Bushido smart.

Many thanks

I have the same experience. A cadence workout but cadence is not measured or guided.

I would like to add my support to this issue.  I have just completed the 6 week FTP builder workout (my first one ever).  Relatively speaking I’m a novice, and the two things I most learnt since doing this is about the benefits of riding to power and riding to an appropriate cadence.  

I did an FTP test at New Year and looking a back at it, I averaged 68rpm over the whole FTP ride (45 mins).  During the workout programme I started to pick up on the cadence targets and rode to a higher cadence (90-95rpm).  This has turned me into a much more consistent rider.

As a beginner, I would really, really appreciate seeing suggested cadence targets on screen all the time during workouts.  At present they sometimes appear for only a few seconds. If I’m grabbing my water bottle or something, I can easily miss them.  It’s not going to take up too much space in the interface to show this info.  In the workout plan area, there is loads of empty space before the power target info which could be used.  I think having this info will really help with the coaching of beginners like myself.  I’m happy to be involved in beta testing if useful to the zwift developers.