Workout segments to show cadence

I have been using Zwift for three weeks and it is brilliant. Having done an initial FTP test, I am now working through the 4 week FTP programme, and loving it.

But there one thing I really wish was available. When doing a workout using ERG mode, in the list of workout segments on the left of the screen I would prefer to see something like “2mins @ 95c” for cadence, rather than “2mins @ 150w”. As the trainer (Kickr Snap) adjusts the resistance to acheive the power output, my part of the bargain is to hit the correct cadence, which i currently have no idea what it is going to be. So when getting ready to enter a new segment I would rather know what my cadence is going to need to change to, rather than only finding out after starting the next segment. I am sure this would enable you to hit the new target much quicker. 

I realise some do not have a cadence sensor, so an option in the settings to display either would be ideal.