Wished workout segments showed cadence

I have been using Zwift for three weeks and it is brilliant. Having done an initial FTP test, I am now working through the 4 week FTP programme, and loving it.

But there one thing I really wish was available. When doing a workout using ERG mode, in the list of workout segments on the left of the screen I would prefer to see something like “2mins @ 95c” for cadence, rather than “2mins @ 150w”. As the trainer (Kickr Snap) adjusts the resistance to acheive the power output, my part of the bargain is to hit the correct cadence. So when getting ready to enter a new segment I would rather know what my cadence is going to need to change to, rather than finding out after entering the segment. I am sure this would enable me to hit the new target much quicker. 

I realise some do not have a cadence sensor, so an option in the settings to display either would be ideal.

I am new to this so may have missed something!

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll definitely take it into consideration. Generally, we like to stick with power and watt output exclusively, but if you post in our Feature Request forums, it’d allow our developers to take community feedback and support into consideration.

Ride On!

In theory it sounds good but people are different. All very well for it to say go 95 cadence. That might suit you but for others that may be too high. Then what happens if your cadence is well off the target? Do you get the gold star or not.

A better solution is for the workout text to give a suggested cadence as the workout progresses. At the end of the day matching the power target is the main goal. 

If the workout has no cadence specific drills as most don’t then a cadence guide in the description is all that is required e.g. ride between 85 - 95.