RPM/ERG - cadence targets too high in workouts

Hi all - I’m new to Zwift and so far I’ve been sticking to the workouts. I really like the ERG function (I’m on a Tacx Neo) as it lets me stay in one gear - but I was wondering if there is any way to see what rpm the different workouts will have you do to reach the watt level, before you get on the bike? When I select any given workout it shows me the profile and watts needed but not the rpms required. I know I can just ignore the “speed up” or “slow down” prompts and let my trainer decide the load at what ever rpm I choose, but it is just annoying.
My problem is that I’ve had surgery in my knee and it gives me some problems when the cadence goes above 105ish rpm. I prefer riding in the 80-105 range.
I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

I think you’re might misunderstanding the ERG-mode then? When you use ERG the trainer will lock you into a set wattage, irrespective of your gear and cadence. I know it is kind of annoying with RPM-goals in the workout if you prefer a certain cadence, but not fulfilling the cadence-goal will not affect if you get a full star or not, so i would just ignore the message to speed up your cadence and carry on.


Thank you for your reply. As written I am aware that I can ignore the prompt to “speed up” and still reach the required wattage at a lower cadence. I just find it annoying (I like the encouragement the program gives me). Hence my question if there was any way to see what rpm the different workouts were aiming for before I begin. Just like I can see how many watts they want me to produce for how long.
So far I’ve found some workouts that want me to pedal at 115 rpm (which I find way too fast) while others tells me to do a similar amount of power at much lower cadence.

That’s the nature of some of the workouts.

Some target high cadence for say hill climbing, others target low cadence for say time trialling.

To the best of my knowledge there’s no preview of cadence targets unfortunately.

Given your medical issue i would ignore cadence targets and ride at what you feel is safe and comfortable.


The link below will take you to a list of all Zwift’s workouts with descriptions about them. I’m not sure all the descriptions always talk about cadence but this may help you read up on the workout before getting near the bike.

If this link works it should show you your last workout and the high cadence is clearly shown

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Thank you, Ian. Just what I was looking for. I don’t understand why they don’t include that info in the app itself.

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