Target cadence too high

I’ve been Zwifting for just 5 weeks and I’m doing the Back to Fitness plan. This week’s workouts called for a high cadence (110) at different target watts but if I was to stay in the target wattage zone I had to keep my cadence in the mid 80’s to low 90’s.

I managed to gain a star for each section of the workouts but was constantly seeing the pedal faster message.

Can anyone explain why that is ?

Thanks in advance.

The stars are awarded on the basis of sticking to the power target, and aren’t to do with your cadence.

What sort of trainer do you have?

Thanks Steve. I have an Elite Suito T which I keep calibrated. It just seems to me that the cadence target is unreasonably high, given the low wattage targets (in the 60s for some sections).

Your trainer should adjust its resistance, in ERG mode, to keep to the power target. So the higher your cadence, the lower the resistance should go. But it can take a few seconds for the trainer to adjust. Are you sure you gave it enough time for the resistance to decrease while you kept up that high cadence?

If it is very low power and high cadence you can change gears to get to the target. Some trainers have a range where they can hold power so at a set cadence.

Ah, probably not. When I hit the cadence target, if the resulting wattage was too high I’d reduce the cadence almost immediately. Sounds like that’s where I was going wrong?

Could be. Try holding the cadence and see if the resistance reduces further. It not, try changing gears (something you don’t normally do in ERG mode), as Gerrie said.

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tried popping the bike into the easiest possible gear?

Thanks Ben. I should have mentioned that I was using the lowest gear in my OP. I’m going to try Steve’s suggest of giving the trainer a chance to react to the higher cadence. Cheers.

Gents. I’ve just completed a workout without changing gear and concentrating on cadence rather than power. The session was harder than previous ones but I still managed to win stars for each segment. Thanks for your input, I now get Swift :slightly_smiling_face:


I use a Tacx vortex and notice it can be a little to react when you change power or cadence when doing a work out. I use my gears all the time to find the sweet spot. I use the companion app which find really useful when doing a workout.