Target cadence too high

Hi Juan,

I’m trying to connect a Garmin cadence 2 to zwift, works well on the Apple TV but once I try to add my Garmin HR monitor it become too many Bluetooth devices and switch to my IPhone device with zwift companion. But it seems that the companion does not read the cadence even if it connected. Tried to remove the device on my phone and reconnect it but the issue remains.

Any clue ?


Exact, and the algorithm is wrong, the calculated pace is 15 to 20 rpm slower than the real value like I said.

How are you coming up with the “real value”? What makes you think it is wrong?

Well I put a one minute timer and count how many revolution I make while being in steady state. After 2-3 times I come up with the same results which is 15-20 rpm faster than the targeted value as for example 85 rpm.