Slow cadence

Just started using zwift on elite drevo . My issue is my cadence speed feels very low . Even in the smal ring in the 25 I am pushing out 220w at about 65rpm. If I go up to the big ring the watts are over 350 and I can only hold this a short time . I am usual about 80 rpm on a flat road in the 52/16 ,17 for 200 w please help before my legs burst .

Hi @steven_robertson
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I’m not 100% clear on what’s happening, so let me repeat back my how I’m interpreting your question.
Are you saying the trainer’s resistance level is too high to maintain your cadence in a gear that you can normally spin with ease?

If that’s the case - I also ran into this on my second time using Zwift. An “easy” workout plan had me warm up at 350 watts or something ridiculously high. And that was because the game thought I was way stronger than I am based on my first time using Zwift.

In technical terms, your functional threshold power (FTP) number may be set too high. You can manually lower it to see if that’ll resolve this short-term, and at some point, use one of the methods in-game to set it more accurately to your abilities. The folks at Zwiftinsider have a how-to for both.

I’d recommend you go to the Workouts section of the home screen and look for a plan called “Zwift 101 Cycling.” This is a 3 part orientation that guides you to through the foundation principles of power zones, FTP, and the way structured workouts are built in Zwift. The final part is a mini “ramp test” that will set your FTP to maximize the benefits of your indoor training.


Thanks . Yes the resistance feels to high . I have completed an FTP . It was 260 . I’m 47 and racing on the rd and cx for over 15 years , never set the world alight but at one point I could get round a e,1,2 race . I thought this would be about right . Giving my weight is 77 kg .will try lowering my FTP number . See what happens .

there us a trainer “ difficulty” setting , what is that set to?
reducing this will “lower your gearing” ie you will have to pedal at a higher cadence for a given W/kg, which is the data that zwift uses go set your speedier a given incline. ( together with your personal contacts, bike, tyres etc)

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Steve, I have tried that . Also re installed ap . No Chang . Been on it today . Going up box hill my cadence was 64 for 210 w in the 36/25 ,going down box hill my cadence was 64 for 210 w in the 36/25. It felt exactly the same going up as to going down . The speed going down was 63 kmph and I could hardly turn the pedals . It’s as if the trainer is not responding to the road . It is making all the noises but the resistance feels the same

Did you pair the trainer as Powersource ANT+ FE-c and controllable as ANT+ FE-c?

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Using Apple TV , blue tooth only on that . It’s seeing them both

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Ok, thanks,

Are your apple tv updated and the trainer.

How does the Trainer work with the elite real software?

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Good call ,not tried it on elite software . Will give it a go on that . Both trainer and Apple TV are just out of the box so should be up to date

don’t assume that the software is up to date, they could be in the boxes for months. You should check for updates.

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