Workout instructions

This maybe not be appropriate as most people who ride on Zwift are cyclists (so disregard if there are suggestions more people will get use of).

Is there a way to add information to the workouts.  

Information/History: I am new to this type of cycling and am currently doing the beginner FTP Builder …I can’t work out if you are meant to increase your gears, pedal rate or what to keep within the correct zone.  It shows what cadence you should be doing however it seems to be the same the whole way through and it is just your wattage which changes…for a ‘new be’ like me…it is hard to work out what you are required to do. I am not sure if others have the same issue…

Request - a further information button to drill out on with an explanation on what you need to do to achieve would be great.  i.e. if you find you are working above 125w or your cadence is 115…lower … or do…

It would only need to be on certain workouts (beginner ones) or as a reference guide.  If there is already one (please let me know and disregard this post)

Hi Cheryl, 

There isn’t a workout which tells you what cadence or gear you should be using as it all varies rider to rider, bike to bike and trainer to trainer + more factors. In general the right cadence on flats is 80-100 rpm so that’s the good start-point but what you want to do is experiment and educate yourself to find out what is the best for you and your setup. 

Also one more thing, you mentioned you’re doing the FTP workout. By default the ERG mode will be ON and that might be even more confusing for you. I’d recommend you to turn it OFF or check THIS article explaining the ERG mode so you have better understanding of what it does. 

Hope it helps, 

Ride On!