Display Priority to Cadence during Workouts with Erg On

Hi, I’m newly hooked and love Zwift. I can see a major improvement that you can easily make in the Display when a User is doing a Workout in Erg mode ON. In this mode the cyclist’s job is to maintain a constant cadence and then Zwift adds resistance so that target Power (Watts) are maintained. However the Zwift Display has Watts big and central in the Display and then worse than that it instructs the cyclist to “Add Power” or “Reduce Power”. This is not correct. You just want the cyclist to maintain his or her cadence, and then the machine adds power or reduces power. The cyclists should therefore be focussing on the cadence number, and yet, on the screen this is a small number tucked away in the corner and there is no commentary to instruct the cyclist to increase or decrease cadence. At first I found this instruction to Add Power (say when the workout moves from a Warm Up 135w to 5mins at 225W) very confusing as to get the power up I would either have to increase my cadence or go up the gears. But I soon learnt that this was definitely not what was wanted since changing gears makes it impossible for the trainer and Zwift to adjust resistance appropriately. Finally through a process of trial and error I discovered that I just need to get to a constant cadence (say 90rpm), stay there, and then Zwift and the machine do the rest: adding or removing resistance according to what the training programme is calling for. Now I’ve got this sussed but as the workouts get harder I just want to look at one big number Cadence and focus on that and be told or flashed at or beeped at when I deviate, rather than be constantly distracted by the messages to Add Power or Reduce Power. I’d be grateful for reply as of course I may have got this completely wrong and be missing something in the way that I’m doing my training rides. Thankyou