ERG Mode Messages are Confusing to the User

I think when in ERG mode, a user should not be instructed (as Zwift does) to “INCREASE POWER” or “DECREASE POWER”. The simulation is adjusting the LOAD, and the user has nothing to do other than pedal (steadily).

Not a big deal but I think this is confusing. If a rider is instructed to “INCREASE POWER” at the same time Zwift is actually DECREASING the LOAD, this results in dips and valleys that are not necessary.

Anybody agree???



Agreed. But the Zwift workout system doesn’t seem to get any info about the equipment you’re using or the numbers you’re putting out, so there is no logic in the instructions that would account for those. 

The system does know that it is in ERG mode (user selection), so by definition the Zwift software is controlling the load and NOT the user. Guidance when running in ERG should be with respect to user cadence (steady is better). Am I missing something?