New Rider Cadence Question

I started using Zwift in February and really enjoy it. I’m riding daily. Right now, I’m going through the 6-week Beginner FTP workout program. On my off days, I’m “just riding” for about 30 mins. 

I’ve noticed that in some stages you are told to ride at a specific cadence (like 90-100 or 90) and others there is no target, just a watt target.

Should I assume that when no target is given, I should be turning a slower RPM? Say 70-80? 

I’m trying to mix up lower RPM/higher resistance and higher RPM/lower resistance when possible.


Mike Calwell - FTP 207

I haven’t used the workout program you are following Mike but I’d say if you are relatively new to workouts try and keep the cadence around the 90 mark. As you grow in confidence and torque-fitness your last sentence is on the mark.

Mix the cadence/power to see where your particular fitness/torque levels peak.

For some riders the lower cadence levels can put extra pressure on the knees, so for that reason 80-90 rpm is the go-to spin.

Personally I like to warm up with a high cadence, then I use a wide range of cadence rpm depending on recovery from the last session.

Ride On!

Thanks Paul! I appreciate the feedback.