When does week reset for weekly goals

I have ridden Zwift on Sundays and those rides counted toward the weekly goal that was about to end. Last night I rode and it counted toward the new week. When does Zwift reset weekly goals?

It’s Monday thru Sunday for my week, but I’m unsure of the actual time it changes. I would imagine it is midnight on Sunday if your time zone settings are correct.

That’s what I thought too. I finished my ride between 7 and 8 pm last night (Sunday). Surprised that my weekly goal for miles didn’t go off during the ride I checked the weekly activity and only my ride last night was reflected in the weekly goals, which I interpreted as the week reset.

Perhaps the Zwift servers/settings only hold that value as GMT? Just a guess…

I don’t know the answer to that, other than I don’t think it’s localised.

So it’s probably Pacific time (8 hours behind GMT).

For me, I think that means 8am on a Monday morning.

Very well could be, but I don’t think I’ll be testing this theory at 3am (my time)… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think it’s Pacific time. I am in CDT timezone and the week restart happened for me by Sunday night at around 8:30 pm. Midnight at GMT sounds very possible given when I did my ride.

I mean, GMT would make most sense, but I’ve never got the impression that’s when things happen. I live in the GMT time zone, and I’m sure there have been times when things happened out of sync with that.

Either way, whether it’s PST or GMT, I think it’s one of those. If you’re in a different time zone, it’ll roll over before or after midnight. Which isn’t something that people would inherently assume.

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I think it somewhere around 6pm EST for me, but don’t quote me.

To add to the confusion my Weekly Distance goal reset a few hours before my Weekly Time goal. very strange that they don’t reset at the same time.


Probably implemented by different programmers. :smiley:

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I think @Eric_Schlange_ZI knows when the week starts, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it posted in some of his articles.

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I’ve never actually tested it! No idea. :slight_smile:


Time to get to work then :rofl:


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Seem like we are all doing some test this weekend. :sunglasses:

I suspect that the system will use either your ride start time or end time to declare which “week” you’re in. So, if I think it changes at midnight and I rode for 4 hours from 10pm until 2am, then my 4 hour ride would show up either on the closing week or the new week, but not 2 hours for previous week and 2 hours for new week.

That theory being placed, I would simply do small rides every hour with logging in and out in between rides to witness the week change.

We could all lose a bit of sleep attempting these tests! I say Gerrie goes first… :wink:

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I was just planning to watch when it reset to zero.

I asked our Game team. The game app uses your local time zone as defined by the computer it’s running on. The week starts at 00:00 hour Monday, which is to say midnight of Sunday night > Monday morning.


Interesting. I’m absolutely sure I’ve found that not to be the case with some systems. Maybe it’s changed over the years. Or I’m just old.

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I will check on Sunday, but I have seen the distance goal reset late afternoon.

you are definitely old :wink: